To Young Girls Everywhere

Sending my love to everyone participating in Women’s March on Washington. In this picture, taken so long ago, I was blissfully young and uninformed about American politics, having just entered its borders. I only knew it was better than what I was leaving behind. Right now however, in a message to teenage girls in this day and age, I would like to say, stay strong! … Continue reading To Young Girls Everywhere


Our Pets

There exists a widespread stereotype that we, lesbians, spend our Friday and Saturday nights curled up with our beloved cats and dogs, watching Orange Is The New Black or what not on Netflix. Well, loathe stereotypes as I might, I actually see nothing wrong with loving our furry babies to the fullest.  Here is a photo that my lady took of Yoshi and me on … Continue reading Our Pets


LGBTQ in the Workplace

Without giving much away, and I may have mentioned it already anyway, I am in tech consulting as a contractor for the U.S. Government. As you can imagine, I have been extremely uncomfortable during the recent speculation/half-truths/misinformation about legislation that would make it legal for government contractors to discriminate against or fire LGBT employees. In December, it has been reported that Congress killed legislation that … Continue reading LGBTQ in the Workplace