Welcome to Lezboland a.k.a DC Metro Area!

Contrary to the popular opinion that LA or NY wear this crown, I aim to posit that the DC/MD/VA area is precisely the lesbian heaven you’ve been seeking.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Elina and, at the time of this post, I am a 27 year old lesbian living in Alexandria, VA with my lovely partner. “At the time” only applies to the age. As far as my identity goes, I have firmly planted myself at 6 on the Kinsey scale for several years now and have no plans to slide back, no matter the strong opinion that sexuality is fluid. I would not negate such an opinion, I simply want to communicate that, since the age of 7, I have been on a journey toward the “6” end of the spectrum and have finally arrived about half a decade ago. Thus, in fact, I am affirming that, yes, there has been some degree of fluidity in the past. However, as far as I can see into the future, I believe that my journey towards a fixed identity has come to an end.

Regardless of my musings, I do not intend to turn lezbehonestDC into Women’s Studies 101. I simply want to create or affirm that this space – both geographical and cyber – is a safe and thriving lesbian community. Before I run into well-deserved criticism, I would like to clarify that, gay, bi, or anywhere in between, all queer women are welcome to share, participate, and expand this space. Your place on the Kinsey scale is not for me to decide or, God forbid, to judge.

Anyway, I welcome any and all contributions or opinions. Plain and simple, I will write about my experiences and those of my friends or acquaintances in the DC Metro Area. If you are interested in what I have to say, but live elsewhere, do visit! If not the area, at least my humble blog.

Until later!


P.S. That’s me in the blue wig in the picture.

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