Cheers! Another Victory

Happy Friday! And it is indeed ought to be happy – we won another battle. Title VII Employment Protections come to LGB community, which means that discrimination against lesbian, gay or bisexual employees violates federal law. Cheers!

Patriotic Cheers!Photo origin: our toast on 4th of July, as evidenced by the American flag shirt worn by one of our lesbian friends.

Although Independence Day was a few weeks back, I feel my little picture is particularly appropriate, given its celebratory and patriotic theme. I am beyond proud to be a U.S. citizen. While no country is perfect, we are extremely fortunate to reside in a place where we are gaining one victory after another, at least as of late.

Of course, lest I be overwhelmed by celebrations, I fully acknowledge that the road ahead remains tough. While this website focuses on lesbians in the DC area, I cannot help but wish life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to all of my gay/trans/queer sisters and brothers.

Now, head on over to those Happy Hours or get ready to spend a fabulous night out later at Cobalt/Phase 1/Town/anywhere else your heart takes you.

Until later!


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