Progress is not Victory…


Hello Readers!

It has been a little while since I posted, and I wanted to come back with a sobering thought. As much as I enjoyed writing about our “victories,” the reality is that our fight still goes on. I came across an article today, and the lines that jumped out at me the most were these: “one in 10 lesbian, gay and bisexual workers has reported they were fired from their job because of sexual orientation, while one in four transgender workers has reported they were fired because of gender identity, even though a recent Center for American Progress poll found small business owners overwhelmingly oppose discrimination against LGBT workers and customers. These statistics are more than numbers. They represent families across the country who are denied that opportunity to live free from fear and discrimination because of who they are.” Depressing…

The truth is, as a Defense contractor, I am uneasy being out at work. I feel like this is prevalent in the DC area. When I worked for the J.P. Morgan Private Bank, one of the Vice Presidents focused exclusively on attracting high net worth members of the LGBT community as clients. He went to the theater, art galleries, etc. just to lure in our high-income brothers and sisters. I found this in poor taste, but then again, another banker was focused on lawyers, yet another was prospecting small business owners… Was I too judgmental about this colleague targeting my community? After all, we are known for higher disposable income (stereotype?). That particular Vice President’s conclusion was that DC was full of gay people. I am not sure what percentage he counted among “out of the closet,” but he must have seen enough to continue his practice.

Anyway, I feel uneasy. Workplace discrimination persists everywhere, although in some places more so than others, of course. Where do we go from here? Do we rely on our government to do the honors and send the message that it is not OK to fire people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity? I do not like being this dependent on politicians… But what can we do? Regardless, I refuse to give up hope. We must prevail!

Until later…

2 thoughts on “Progress is not Victory…

  1. 100% agreed!! Our work is never done. And I do think the government can be a great aid in bringing about equality, but true equality will only come when social paradigms change and people just naturally see LGBTQ folks as the equals they are. Also, I cannot believe I’ve never noticed this before, but there is such a lack of attention brought to LGBTQ workplace discrimination. I rarely hear about it, but it’s high time we get the spotlight on that.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! Many of the LGBT community issues are just that – concerns within the community and not so much at the top of straight people’s world-improving list, unfortunately. I understand there are many aspects of this messed-up world that must be ameliorated, but we (gay and straight people) cannot overlook the crucial human rights. In the end, I hope for unity. We must all work together to make our society function better. Easier said than done, I know… Though what are we without at least a little optimism? We have to remain goal-oriented and take concrete action.

      Thanks again!


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