Good morning from Virginia Beach!

Hello dear readers!

I just wanted to say “good morning” and share the lovely view from our hotel room here at Virginia Beach. 


You see, I’ve been here twice with my lovely partner – once in 2011, just me and her, once in 2013 with two of our gay guy friends, and now we’re back! At last with another lesbian couple, which is exciting in its own unique way. 

Virginia Beach has been good to us, so we are hoping for another wonderful weekend. There is a gay club out here that we enjoyed in 2011, so I am hoping to make it down there again and see how it goes. Otherwise, if the day and night take us elsewhere, I should be able to offer the experience of two gay female couples in straight spaces in this area. I know that DC lesbians sure love their beach, and we are willing to travel 3-4 hours to reach Rehoboth, Ocean City, or, of course, Virginia Beach! 

I will check in with you later once I have more experiences to share. In the meantime, good morning and enjoy your breakfast!

Until later!

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