End of Summer

Well, technically we have until the 21st… Yet somehow it feels like summer is over. Perhaps the feeling kicked in after our last trip to the beach or because I just started classes. Regardless, I am mentally prepared for the chilly weather and for the leaves to change colors. 

As promised, let me share a some thoughts from the aforementioned Virginia Beach adventure. Although I talked about a gay club in my previous post, unfortunately we just did not make it there after a day of fun in the sun (and a return to the beach after the sun set for a couple of drinks under the night sky. Shhh…). However, if my 2011 bar-hopping experience with my lovely partner is anything to go by, I would higly recommend Rainbow Cactus (gay club), with its fabulous drag show and potent Jell-O shots. Do update me if I’m wrong though, and if things have changed – I hope not to be too out of the loop. 

And speaking of “fun in the sun,” here’s a little goofy memory from last weekend:
Now, given that the premise of my blog is “lesbian DC,” let me give you some Sapphic perspective on the trip. Overall, I am happy to report that no homophobic incidents took place at the lovely Virginia Beach and its neighboring areas. We were able to talk (sort of loudly) about all things gay while at the actual beach, be totally out (of the closet) with our (respective) parthers, and even partake in some (minor, respectful) PDA. Sheraton Virginia Beach was gay-friendly enough – there was no disrespectful staff or judgmental bystanders. The following day, at Water Country USA, we felt equally welcome. Our occasional hand-holding (again, with the respective partners, haha) did not bring about an angry mob of parents, accusing us of morally corrupting their little kids. And boy were there ever many little kids… 

Anyway, I know this post is not as SUPER GAY as I hoped, but I think that our very right and opportunity to be out with our partners, enjoying a sunny day at the beach and another at an amusement park are just as important as any other experience. We must feel safe and, above all, proud, while we stroll, hand-in-hand, down any boardwalk or slide down any chlorine-saturated ride. 

Wishing you all a happy summer conclusion!

Until later,


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