Lez Talk About Technology

So many thoughts here, I am fit to burst. I am prompted to start this conversation by mentioning an assignment from my Ethics in Technology Management class that simply asks us to disscuss a moral dilemma. Not necessarily related to technology yet (this is our first week of classes), we were asked to post a brief response about an issue we have personally experienced or just thought over in our minds. The assignment was due last night, and the “moral dilemma” that just jumped out at me was all that business in Kentucky with the Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis not issuing marriage licenses and subsequently going to jail. Now, I put “moral dilemma” in quotations because, naturally, there is only one right answer to this situation – GIVE OUT THE FREAKING MARRIAGE LICENSES ALREADY! Yes, in shouty all caps. There is no other way to look at it, whether you are gay, straight, trans, bi, in-between, etc. We are getting married, people! There is no other way to look at it. Anyway, (as I take a deep breath) as I said, this is not strictly technology-related, but the whole point of this exercise is that tech is all around us, and it is filled with “moral dilemmas” of sorts. 


We cannot turn around or take a breath without technology staring directly at us. So, do we “violate” someone’s “religious freedom” in pursuit of our happiness? Yes. Just kidding. I mean to say that, in this day and age, we should not be faced with a situation like this. Take a look at the image above – clearly, technology and the corporations behind it are on our side. Granted “corporations” may be looking out for their own gain and going after our higher disposable incomes (a whole other ethical discussion on its own). Nevertheless, we are here. Technology is evolving. There is only progress ahead of us (fingers crossed). 

The other reason why I am writing this is because, shortly after I woke up and was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I encountered a “sponsored ad” for a lesbian dating app. Finally, our very own Grindr! Again, I am conflicted internally whether I am facetious in my enthusiasm or if this is actually a sign of progress for the lesbian community. Of course, given that I am in a happily committed relationship, I will not try out this app or any other, but I welcome your input! Please let me know if you’ve had experiences with online lesbian dating, and how it turned out. I think we should have every right to explore this avenue, since straight people and gay men have been fully immersed in online dating/hookup apps/social media for some time now. 

I will wrap this up here for now. Believe me, there will be plenty more opportunities to discuss how Information Technology, Internet, cyberethics, and more affect us lesbians. Now, go read AfterEllen on your iPad, while simultaneously checking Facebook, and any other technology-related things you do, you lovely ladies. 



P.S. For those of you, who have been paying attention (thank  you, by the way!), I know I’ve mentioned that I work as a Defense IT contractor, and now I’m talking about schoool. Simple explanation: still full-time federal contracting job + part-time master’s in Technology Management program = my very own idea of (hell?) fun!!! More on that later. 

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