Ladies and Gentlemen! (The Gay Kind)

Lez face it, an important part of being a lesbian in DC (or anywhere) is hanging out with your gay guy friends. And an important part of gay-guy-socializing is going to see some fabulous drag queens do their thing. So, drumroll please, we went out last night with our very good friend Wilber to Freddie’s Beach Bar and Restaurant in Arlington.

He gets an honorable mention because he has been very loyal and a great supporter of lesbians (I mean, as if there should be any other way for us lesbians and gays to coexist). Meaning, our friendship goes beyond the “I’ll see you at the next Pride Parade” minimum. He has spent many a night out with us at Phase 1, the one in Capitol Hill (the REALLY lesbian one), so it’s only fair for us to alternate between gay and lesbian venues. Although, as you know, gay male clubs and bars heavily outweigh places catered specifically to women. Sad face. 

Back to last night. We’ve always had a great time at Freddie’s. One time I even dared perform “I Will Always Love You” during a karaoke night to an audience that made me week welcome and unafraid to hit those high notes. Yesterday though, I gladly took the back seat and enjoyed a fabulous (there’s that word again – I can’t help using it, since it’s just so appropriate for drag queens!) drag show. 
The performers were diverse, their acts were entertaining, and they were overall “on point.” I give Freddie’s bar/restaurant Five Stars as a gay venue! Seriously, ladies, if you feel the urge to go someplace fun, yet chill, for a night out or just a couple of drinks, go ahead and drop by Freddie’s. 



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