Something to make you smile…

I just wanted to brighten your Labor Day weekend, although I hope it is plenty bright on its own! Couples seem to be getting engaged or married left and right, so love must be in the air. Speaking of love, take a look at this:

I don’t know about you, but the fact that I saw this at a suburban Northern Virginia CVS, right underneath a very stereotypically straight card (ahem… “His Birthday. Don’t Touch the Grill”), somehow signaled to me that ever-important progress in our society. A “Love – Two Women” card, without it being Valentine’s Day (!), was so refreshing that I couldn’t help smiling like an idiot and taking a picture of the greeting card isle without caring about appearing odd. Although my lady did playfully roll her eyes at me when I said that I HAD to blog about this. 

Anyway. The reason why I mentioned Valentine’s Day is that, had February 14th been in sight, I would take it with a grain of salt, seeing this greeting card as a sign of the company behind it just going after every market, including us, lovely and love-crazy lesbians. I mean “love-crazy” in the most positive sense, of course. 

Well, here I am, looking for a “congratulations on having a baby” card for a straight female friend, sighing at the gender normative pink-for-girls/blue-for-boys greeting cards, when “Love – Two Women” totally brightened my day! Somehow this did not overtly corporate and deceptive. Maybe I should have unleashed my cynicism and just walked past without giving this card a second glance. Instead, I’m writing a post, filled with hope that we will see a higher percentage of product out there that reflects society as it is now – with us and our love having a significant part in this world.

Until later!


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