Blondes have more fun? 

Here’s a post not at all related to DC lesbian nightlife (or is it?). The fact is… I’ve gone back to blonde! Exciting stuff, right? (That was drenched in sarcasm, in case my tone did not come through). Still, I like to mix it up, and thought it might be an interesting reflection on my lesbian identity. First things first, here’s the look:


Now, this is definitely a foray as far into “femme” territory as I can go without perhaps wearing a ball gown and 6-inch heels. So, I wonder, will this make me less “readable” as a lesbian? After all, DC girls who are into other girls do often rock short haircuts or dark hair. Maybe having my girlfriend next to me will make things clearer 😉


I’m joking, of course. This is supposed to be the age of label-free fluidity or whatever kids are saying these days. But I like my lesbian label. And I like my blonde hair. So… To hell with it! Let’s hope blondes do have more fun (for now).

Until later!


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