Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season… My lady’s company Christmas party is tomorrow, and, for the 5th year in a row (at the first one we were “just friends,” in case our four-and-a-half year together timeline does not add up), I will be accompanying her, looking my best (God willing haha). The featured image is of us two (or three?) years ago, post-holiday party, getting ready to go out to a nightclub.


Here are a couple more memories from her holiday parties…



There are many more photos, especially since she makes a point of bringing her Canon to every one of those parties, so we take turns being unofficial event photographers on top of plain celebrating attendees. 

Why am I writing about this? Well, this does have to do with queerness and DC. She manages a chain of franchised restaurants in downtown DC, which hires a majority of Latin American employees. Here we get into the complexity of Latino culture and lesbianism. I will just lightly touch upon this subject, since there is so much to say, and I will say it later. My love happens to be in a very high position at her company, and her employees respect her tremendously, not just because she is the boss, but because of her considerate management style. At any rate, me being accepted as her partner (she credits the beginning of our relationship as the catalyst for her coming out at work) feels great of course. However, I still sometimes have feelings of unease, especially when it comes to her straight male coworkers. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I cannot shake off that intrusive male gaze. Women’s Studies majors, you know what I’m talking about, haha. 

At any rate, I will report my findings (sounds like a research project) after tomorrow night! Hoping for a smooth and enjoyable night, of course, but a little bit (and I mean reeeeeeeally little) drama perhaps wouldn’t hurt 😉

Until later!


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