About the Party

As promised, here are a few post-holiday-party thoughts. First off, here’s the look:


I decided to go for a more gender-fluid/androgynous look (as far as I can pull it off), although I went heavy on the makeup. The reaction among the gay male party attendees was that of an overall approval, so I felt accomplished haha. Although there were still a few straight guys, who don’t know me, that didn’t get the HUGE hint that I’m a lesbian, they did not actually say or do anything to bother me. 

My love was busy, entertaining the guests and making sure everyone was having fun. Still, I managed to get a picture of us 🙂


That was actually at an after-party at a Latin gay night club, but I will count it as a holiday photo nonetheless. Overall, no drama or anything other than general holiday cheer is to report. Though there were a few girls in attendance who appear, to my finely-tunes gaydar, at least “curious” about same-sex relationships. This is just to say that queer DC Latin community is incredibly diverse (as if we didn’t already know that), whether or not individuals decide to stay in the closet. 

So, I got to feel a bit like James Bond in my outfit (whether or not he would be caught dead – ha! See what I did there? – wearing something actually like this). My 007 impersonation aside, I had a relatively uneventful night, but I certainly look forward to several upcoming holiday parties to which we are invited.

More on this later!


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