Happy New Year! I know it has been almost two weeks since the big celebration, but hey, better to post late than never, right? Pardon the cliché. 

I’ll make this brief, albeit there is a lot to say. The way I actually rang in the New Year was awesome. Here is a little snapshot (taken at Phase 1, Capitol Hill):


My love and I went out with our other-lesbian-couple friends to three different places over the course of the night: Toro Toro downtown for dinner/midnight champagne toast, Phase 1 for dancing in a great lesbian environment, and “Noche Ardiente” (I know, I know…) because it was open until 5AM haha. Toro Toro was actually very good – the amount of (delicious) food was overwhelming though. The restaurant also had a club/lounge downstairs that opened around midnight, but it was so overwhelmingly straight, that my lady and I started to get unwanted straight male attention when we kissed while dancing. Hence we went to Phase 1. The music there was OK, but the complementary small bottle of champagne… well, let’s just not talk about that haha. I’m being picky, I know – the champagne really wasn’t a big deal. Anyway, we had moved on to “buttery nipple” shots by then 😉 

When Phase 1 was about to close for the night, Wilber (the gay guy friend I mentioned in one of my previous posts) texted to us that we could go to “Noche Ardiente,” a not-so-classy gay Latino night (NOT unclassy because of the Latino part, let me get that straight (see what I did there?), but somewhat unsophisticated just because of the general crowd of rowdy/wasted people). We had somewhat low expectations, but wanted to keep partying as long as any place was open. Nothing eventful to report there. 

There IS something I am DYING to share with you that I did between 11PM on Decenmber 31st, 2015 and 12AM on January 1st, 2016. However, it has not been made public online or with the majority of family/friends. So (I realize that this post constitutes as an online announcement), I am just going to leave this little hint right here:


I know I could not have made it more obvious just now, but I will save all the details and the official statement for later, due to other personal reasons. Anyway, I’ll sign off for now, but do expect to hear from me soon.

Until later!


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