G-Rated Lesbian Activities

Greetings, dear readers!
First off, thank you for sticking with me, even though I haven’t posted in months. I promise to be better, especially since summer is almost upon us. Well, almost. And, lezbehonest, who doesn’t like a sunny disposition? 

Second, I would like to write about an activity, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but one I think is very enjoyable with your partner or friend(s). Wow, that sounded more salacious than it actually is πŸ˜‰ I’m talking about gardening! 

Last weekend my lady love and I completely redesigned our back patio. Take a look at the results below (I welcome feedback):

Let me tell you, I am not exactly “handy.” In that regard, I am a very bad lesbian. Just kidding (about the bad lesbian part, not my lack of crafty abilities – that one is true). So, without my partner, this entire project would have been impossible or at least non-executable. Although, I will say this for myself, the concept of the white marbles and colorful pots was all mine! (See, I have to take some credit after all). 

In this entire process, we went to the Home Depot three times. Yes, you read that correctly. Three times. In one day! By the third trip, sales associates there were looking at us as if we were totally nuts. But, hey, it turned out worth it in the end!

In conclusion, if you and your (special?) friend are into semi-outdoorsy activities and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this may be something to try out! I certainly enjoyed it πŸ™‚
As I promised, I will write again soon!

Until later,


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