We are engaged! 

Let me jump directly into it and tell you about the proposal. I’m going to preface this by saying that my now-fiancée is, of course, very well-aware of my love for the horror genre. Well, for the 4th of July weekend, three great friends (a straight couple and our best guy friend, about whom I’ve written before when I posted about gay gentlemen) joined us for an awesome getaway to a cabin in West Virginia. A shout-out goes to Harman’s Luxury Cabins and their pet-friendly Cabin 19 🙂 All in all, we’ve been having a great time, enjoying the nature, rivers, and mountains.

So, for our second night there, we decided to give ourselves a fright and watch a scary movie after the sun set. The pick of the evening was Insidious. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie in the said log cabin, in the middle of nowhere. However, I genuinely started to get creeped out when, as the credits were rolling upon the film’s end, a haunting music-box tune suddenly started playing. Everyone was acting like they did not know where it was coming from. As I turned around, I saw a decrepit-looking Annabelle-like doll, placed on a little table behind the couch where we were all sitting. That gave me more of a jump scare than the entire movie!

At that point, my lady love told me to “go and touch it.” Imagine my reaction! Needless to say, it took me at least 5 minutes to gather myself and actually walk towards the doll, constantly repeating, “I don’t want to touch that thing!” As I got closer, I saw a tiny “Squeeze me” note pinned to the doll’s midsection. As I plucked up my courage and gave it a squeeze, the doll said, “Do you want to play a little game? Lift my dress, and you will be impressed!” At that point, I recognized the voice of my lady love as the one on the recording, and broke out in nervous laughter. I couldn’t stop giggling, as I lifted the doll’s dress and saw “Will you marry me?” written on the doll’s legs! Instead of the “o” in “you,” there was pinned a beautiful engagement ring! My nervous giggles turned to laughter of happiness, and of course I said “yes.” Our three great friends started cheering, and I felt more surrounded by genuine friendship and love than I have in a while. 
Now, enjoy some pictures of this mysterious creepy doll and my engagement ring! A side note, I later learned that the doll was actually brand-new and custom-made especially for this occasion! So, not to worry, it’s not actually haunted or anything. And its name is Margaret, not Annabelle 😉 

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