Summer’s End, Part I

First off, and I feel like I do this quite often, my apologies for not posting in a while. And once again, I make a promise to get better, sincerely.

Well, it is now Labor Day weekend, and I’d appropriately like to write about concluding summer activities. Let’s start with DC Laties’ Night Annual White Party (hosted by LURE). Here are a few shots from before and during the party (and a debut of my new haircut).

I’m sure you see a bit of irony in the fact that most articles of clothing we are wearing are not actually white. Well, parts of my lady’s and my dresses are white (the two of us in the middle), but that hardly counts 😉 Still, we all had a good time. Cobalt is a fine venue for gay events, or rather a gay club in and of itself. The DJ’s set could have been better, but I have to give them credit for diversity. Same goes for the crowd – what I saw was a good variety of different looks, gender expressions, races, and I surmise sexual orientations. Generally, the gay scene tends to be predominantly white male around here, but this Ladies’ Night proved inclusive. 

We stayed, danced as much as we could to the music that was decently to our liking, had a few RedBull to keep the party going, and departed when it was time. I thought it would be an important note to write about an annual summer party that takes place in DC before the season’s conclusion, and here you have it. To be continued…

Until later!

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