Summer’s End, Part II

As promised, I’m back again! And what summer-related blog post is complete without some mention of a trip to the beach. Well, last weekend my lady love and I, along with another lesbian couple, went to the “gayest” beach we could reach by a couple hours’ worth of a drive: Rehoboth. This trip was a success, and the only thing that may be a bit unusual to report is that it was not very nightlife-heavy. What was the biggest surprise to us, since we have not been to Rehoboth beach in over 3 years, was the fact that all bars closed at 1am. This was only odd to us because of our being spoiled by DC’s 3am last call at minimum. Thus, please pardon the incompleteness of my post due to the fact that we only really walked past the Purple Parrot or Aqua Grill. However, the lesbian couple that traveled with us said they visited Rehoboth a couple of months ago and named those places as solid venues. Purple Parrot apparently is a hopping place, while Aqua Grill was more of a lounge. Again, I am quoting opinions other than my own, so perhaps don’t hold me liable if your experience differs 🙂

All right, the first night we arrived there a bit late, so we kind of just “hung out,” after walking around the boardwalk a bit. As you can guess, that was past 1am, therefore we did not actually make it into any gay bars. Here’s a quick snap of my love and me:

Now, on to some fun – the next morning what we had in store was a day at the beach! Instead of spending the morning and afternoon at the section of the beach that was just steps away from our hotel (Admiral on Baltimore, by the way), we went all the way to the “gay beach,” which consisted essentially 99% of gay men. Of course, it would have been nice to have a bit more diversity, but we were still happy to be around “our people.” No weird looks or judgments passed when we were affectionate with our respective partners was a beautiful thing on a sunny day.

The rest of the day was your typical beach trip – a balance between tanning and staying in the shade, playing card games, some light reading, and swimming in abnormally tumultuous ocean. That last part, of course, is not what one thinks of a “typical” day at the beach, but one cannot battle Mother Nature. By the way, my “light” reading was a book by Matthew Vines called God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships. I have only just started, so I will post a review later, but I am excited to delve into a subject that is supremely close to my heart – reconciling religion with being gay. 

Since I cannot personally recommend a bar to you, my dear readers, let me at least suggest a dinner place. Claws Seafood House was excellent! Between the four of us, we had crab and guacamole dip, a dozen oysters, a crab cake entree, and Alaskan snow crab legs.  Each item was delicious, fresh, and healthy. Needless to say the dinner was quite filling, so it was followed by a leisurely walk to burn off a couple of calories. 

Since we’re already on the subject of food, let me conclude my post by giving you a breakfast recommendation that will blow your mind (if you are a fan of crepes). Please be sure to visit La Crepe Suzette on 44 Rehoboth Ave, if you feel like standing at a hole-in-the-wall crepe place, watching actual French people make your crepes right in front of you. The choices range from crepes that have ham, egg, and cheese to ones with banana, strawberry, and Nutella! Just take my word for it – you don’t want to miss this. As I mentioned, my lady and I have been to Rehoboth Beachd over 3 years back, and we remember this place from all that time ago. 

Well, I imagine I am accurate in saying this was our last beach trip of 2016, and we had a splendid time. Aside from overly strong waves and lack of debaucherous bar outings, I could have not wished for a better experience.

Until later!

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