Lesbian Cinema

Ah, so much to say on that subject… Just a quick note, the header image for this post is actually a screen shot from my Netflix suggestions. Needless to say, Netflix most definitely knows I’m a lesbian 🙂 I have actually not yet watched Anatomy of a Love Seen, but I most certainly have marveled at Blue is the Warmest Color and sort of slept through the Perfect Ending. You can see, I’m letting my opinions slip here a little, and I am more than tempted to write a movie review or two, which will become too difficult a temptation to resist in the future.

In truth, the reason why I am even bringing up lesbian movies is because I spent most of my Labor Day weekend visiting my parents and making my mother watch films with my not-so-secret actress crushes. First up was the marvelous Cate Blanchett:

Let me tell you this, I was not at all influenced by the critics, whose high praise should have swayed me anyway, when I totally on my own fell in love with the above film. The only factor by which I was prejudiced was the phenomenon of me not being able to tear my eyes away from the screen every time Cate Blanchett was on it. I mean, seriously… That woman is captivating beyond belief. I won’t go into a full-fledged movie review today, so let’s just reaffirm that I really enjoyed it.

Speaking of captivating women, below is my ultimate celebrity crush. The reason why I was able to suffer through the SUPER-straight film that was the 300 prequel/sequel. Now, please, I repeat, please don’t take it the wrong way – there is nothing wrong with straight films, and I totally respect every straight woman’s right to marvel at all those men’s abs… But I had only one reason to watch the Rise of an Empire. Her name is Eva Green. 

My fiancée makes fun of me to no end about my Eva Green obsession, but I am very much “out of the closet” about it and cannot even help grinning every time her name is mentioned. It’s embarrassing, really… She is sensational in Every. Single. Film. where she appears. I mean – look, I’m a lesbian writing about the 300, for God’s sake. And don’t even get me started on Penny Dreadful. I practically cried at the Season 3 concluding with “The End.” 

Anyway, to conclude a post named “Lesbian Cinema,” let me give you some of my favorites: I Can’t Think Straight, Imagine Me and You, Kiss Me (Kyss mig), Show Me Love, and… Two guilty pleasures: Room in Rome and Blue is the Warmest Color. I know, those last two are controversial, and maaaaaaaaany lesbians hate them, but… Sue me, I really liked them (with the exception of SPOILER! the cheating part in Blue is the Warmest Color). Well, I’ve got to run (like Frankie in Lip Service would say, “Things to see, people to do.” Just joking!). I look forward to writing more on this subject later.



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