Speaking Out

The day after the election, I was numb, silent, and depressed. Today is a new day, and I am so angry that I can barely stop myself from shaking. Today is a new day, and we start fighting back. Right now. “Haha, now democrats are using bad language against Trump, after they complained about his.” Forget you. I may have so many of my rights taken away in the future, but I will not take this laying down. When they go low, we go high? Those were beautiful words from a lovely woman, but I’m not so sure about that phrase anymore. Now, when they go low, we dig a goddamn tunnel underneath them and watch them crumble. Today is a new day, and we get mad, organized, and ready to battle for our freedom. White feminism failed, and I am sorry for that. I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton, but that wasn’t enough. Now, so many little girls cannot say with certainty that a woman can be President. “Haha, you’ve complained that we said ‘Not my President,’ and how you’re saying the same thing?” Forget you. All 8 years of “Not my President” will now quadruple in the next 4. My liberal friends, I implore you: Mobilize at any level you can. Do not be afraid of bullies. We may have our rights taken away. Let that sink in, but do not be defeated by it. Stop (half-)joking about moving to Canada. Stay and fight. God bless my immigrant, Latino, feminist, disabled, impoverished, Muslim, black, LGBTQIA brothers and sisters! 

One thought on “Speaking Out

  1. I really don’t care if 2 men or 2 women want to marry. Same sex marriage will never devalue the role of traditional marriage. Gays and lesbians have as much right to marry as heterosexual couples. What business is it of society at large if 2 people of the same sex want to marry? By definition, an individual’s private sex life is private. Not something for the general public to be concerned with. Who cares if 2 men or 2 women have sex within the confines of their own home? Gays and lesbians are not actively having sex in a public environment. Since this is the case, society as a whole has no right to dictate whether or not same sex couples can marry. Why can’t these people who oppose same sex marriage just mind their own business and leave the LGBTQ community in peace? Even though I am not gay, I found the Pulse nightclub attack as offensive. Why attack a group of people because you disapprove of how they live their lives and are willing to impose your views upon them by force of law?


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