To My Father

A letter to my father on Veterans Day:
Thank you for having served this country. What you did was honorable and noble. However, the battle of good versus evil is not over. I come to you, in spite of our differences, to do the right thing together. You gave me the biggest opportunity of all by bringing me here. But we are both immigrants. We are more alike than not when it comes to the demons we face, despite our differing political opinions. This is not the time to “agree to disagree.” To “respect each other’s opinions” passively means nothing. This is the time to do what’s right, as you did when you served this country. Let’s be on the good side of history, together! I am facing a battle of my own, and you will see its course unravel over time. Your true nature will not let you sit back and watch. For all the good that is in you, fight on! But do so with the right cause at heart. I love you. 

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