They’re Not Gonna Get Us

Happy New Year, dear readers!

Depending on how young you are, you may remember the title of this post as a throwback to an early t.A.T.u. song by the same name. I was inspired to “steal” it because of a picture my fiancee and I took in the last couple of days in 2016, which also reflects my attitude towards 2017.




To go along with the image and the song, as we march ahead in 2017, we have to keep in mind that indeed they’re not gonna get us. Homophobes are not gonna get us. Misogynists are not gonna get us. Xenophobes  are not gonna get us. You see where I’m going with this.

2017 and the years that follow, at least four of them, are not going to be easy, and you know why. By the end of January, we will already start seeing the effects of this God awful election outcome. As I have said before, we must stand strong. We must stand together.

They’re not gonna get us.


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