LGBTQ in the Workplace

Without giving much away, and I may have mentioned it already anyway, I am in tech consulting as a contractor for the U.S. Government. As you can imagine, I have been extremely uncomfortable during the recent speculation/half-truths/misinformation about legislation that would make it legal for government contractors to discriminate against or fire LGBT employees. In December, it has been reported that Congress killed legislation that would allow such travesty. I am still uncomfortable. 

The header image for this post is not so much about laziness and not wanting to work. To me, it summarizes the tension we, the LGBT professionals, experience on daily basis when entering our workplace. I honestly envy my former classmates that get to work in liberal organizations. I make no secret about it. While I very much appreciate being employed and making a decent salary, I am under constant duress in a military environment. Yes, there are protections in place for LGBT folks, but it all seems so fragile.

Sometimes it feels like my only solace is a picture of my beautiful fiancee looking at me from between my monitors… 

That’s lovely, but I am still so on edge about the upcoming administration. January 20th is fast approaching, and I am feeling sick to my stomach. What awaits us in the future? How can I expect to make my mark in the tech industry, when my LGBTQ brothers and sisters and I face so much hardship and threat? I do not want to make this post too depressing, so I will once again conclude with a call for unity, resilience, and strength. 

Fight on, my LGBTQ family, and do not ever quit! 

With love,

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