15 Years in America!

This photo was taken 15 years and 2 days ago, precisely two days before my Mother and I landed on American soil. My last two days in Belarus were a whirlwind, and now, in America, we are facing uncertain times. Through it all, however, I am blessed to be here. I love the USA and will continue to fight for all the ideals that brought me here 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 

This week will be tough for, I imagine, just about all of my LGBTQIA brothers and sisters, among other minorities. I feel a little guilty for celebrating my anniversary here today. On the 20th, I am staying home and may go as far dramatically as wearing all black. I commend every one of you that has the courage to protest more actively. On the 15th anniversary of my life in the USA, I vow to be active and to take smart, prolific steps in our fight for love and equality. No one will take that away from us. Bring it on, Jan 20th! Let’s make every day going forward count.

With love, as always,


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