Nice Try


It’s cute to see you try, really, but you will not shut me up. Neither will you silence the voices of those who stand with me. The more you tell us to “stop whining,” the harsher the action we will take against you. My dears, you have let your straight white privilege make you blind and callous. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT to say that all white straight people are the enemy. I’m talking about Trump voters when I say I’m against somebody. Explain to me how you support the rhetoric of hate. Go ahead, try! 

FYI, I’m not unfriending/unfollowing/blocking you on social media for a reason. To borrow another well-known phrase: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. So, if I’m too much for you, unfriend or unfollow me yourselves. Believe me, I won’t miss you. Buh-bye!

P.S. The header image for this post is me wearing a Batman symbol t-shirt because you-know-who copied his inauguration speech from Bane. Ha! 

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