Six-Year Anniversary

First off, dear readers, please pardon me being less than prolific in terms of posting. I have not forgotten you, and your very own blog posts have been quite thought-provoking, once I returned to WordPress and read through them.


I am writing a quick note today to share with you that a couple of days ago, on March 4th, I celebrated the 6-year anniversary with my beautiful lady. The header image is a picture of a large artwork print she got as a present for me. It has the date of our engagement, which prompts memories that put a huge smile on my face. My gift to her was a poem I wrote that was, quite obviously, inspired by my muse. Take a look at the image below, which I posted on social media to celebrate our love in that gushy, can’t-contain-myself type way. I know I may seem over-the-top about my love for her. I understand that each person in a relationship has to have their own identity. And believe me, we do. However, the way in which we complete each other goes light years beyond the cliched or the co-dependent. I am privileged and blessed to have her in my life, and for as long as I live, I will glorify our love.





At any rate, I hope you like my little poem and I am wishing you nothing less than eternal, all-consuming love!


Until later, dear readers!



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