Summer Highlights

Good morning, dear readers!

Please pardon the fact that I have not exactly been prolific in terms of blog posts so far this summer. To make up for it, here is a brief overview of my summer highlights. 

To start things off, my lady love and I witnessed a birth! A very good friend of ours gave us the privilege of being in the hospital with her and her husband when she was in labor and delivered her precious baby boy. Here is little Dennis, one week later!

Speaking of babies, take a look at a few pictures of the beautiful little girl, who has greatly contributed to the awakening of my maternal instincts 🙂 This is from a photoshoot on her 1st birthday.  

Up next, what summer would it be without a beach trip? … well, a pretty normal summer for many people 😛 but we were lucky enough to soak up the sun at one of the beaches in Ocean City, MD. It was not particularly a lesbian-oriented location (no gay bars found, at least as far as I looked), but it still did not stop us from enjoying it. 

Now, for this weekend, we have planned to continue our tradition of going to West Virginia cabins, which will be the 3rd time for us in as many years. If you recall, we got engaged last summer at that very location! Pictures of this trip to follow next week.
Finally, because I can’t ever have enough pictures of/with her, here is another appearance of baby A.! 

I hope all of you are having very enjoyable summer adventures of your own! I promise to write another update soon.
Until later!

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