Last Year in El Salvador

Greetings, Dear Readers!


Wow, if I have not felt guilty for not publishing posts frequently enough before, I sure do now. Please accept my sincere apologies for not posting since last year! I promise to make it up to you by writing about something very special 🙂


Last year, my fiancee and I formed our very own charity/non-profit called Magical Smiles Foundation. Armed with some monetary donations from friends and colleagues, along with our own personal budget, we flew to El Salvador to donate clothes, shoes, toys, and more to underprivileged children in poverty-stricken areas of the country (which there are very many). Take a look at one of the first photos we took on Magical Smiles Day (when we were giving out donations) with some of these wonderful children!




They have next to nothing… The little boy standing next to my fiancee above is actually a little fisherman, selling the catch of the day to tourists… That is heartbreaking:





This post is meant to give you just a tiny glimpse into our journey. I do not want to cram all of the experiences in one narrative – there is really so much to say! I promise to elaborate much further and more frequently.


One thing to keep in mind. I personally did not go to El Salvador with the “white savior” privilege/mentality. I went to be humbled and to put at least a couple of magical smiles onto those heartbreaking beautiful children’s faces. The reason why we named our little charity “Magical Smiles Foundation” is simply because, when children smile, the real magic on earth happens.


More to follow!



Until later,







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